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Video Arcade Wizards!

Keep your Gamecubes, X-Boxes and PS2s, Sega Dreamcast are the gaming console dons!

The Sega DC beats them hands down in sheer gaming variety, visuals and pleasure.

And for all you heads out there a lot of the titles are Hip Hop related and the titles a lot cheaper to get a hold of than other formats.

The DC is totally different in its internal architecture than the other consoles having twice as much VR RAM as PS2 and better cache speeds.

Although Sega Sports NHL 2K2 is perhaps the last DC title released, what an exhaustive list it has been over the five years.

These are a few decks $ beats selections.UPDATE: Although we said the above, which still holds true for most part as we end 2003, we should now pay attention to the advance, in particular, of X-Box and PS2 Down Under. You can now play gamers around the world via high speed internet or adsl connections, on both X-Box and PS2. This just happened a few weeks ago for the first time in Australia whereas America has had online gaming for about five years already. There are some great new titles for both consoles, many of which are still designed by Sega designers. It must be said, though, that the X-Box is preferable for those who prefer more grunt in their 3D gaming. X-Box features a Intel 733Mhz Processor with an 8Gb hard drive for storing MP3s and digital photos. Did you know that the X-Box controller is based on the design of the Dreamcast controller? Neither did I until recently reading a website. At the minute, you can upgrade your X-Box with the X-Box Live Starter Kit RRP .95 which lets you chat to, and play with, thousands of X-Box gamers around the world. Included in the Kit is a highly quality headset, demo games and a 12-month subscription to the service. There is also the X-Box Music Mixer which allows you to create a jukebox of your favourite MP3. Transferred from your PC, you can sing along karaoke style while setting off funky visual effects. The pack includes a microphone. The program allows you strip vocal tracks off songs or you can sing to the 15 included tracks.
Meantime, PS2 fans can get their new limited-edition Silver PS2 with two dual shock controllers for just .Like the X-Box, the PS2 also doubles as a DVD/CD player. With the purchase of a network adapter, it can be connected to broadband internet for online gaming.
And one of the greatest inventions of the new millenium would have to be Eye Toy RRP .95. EyeToy lets anyone be the star of various videogames. With a camera placed above the TV, it places kids in the center of the screen inside a game that they can interact with through body movements. Amazing! Kids love it!


Sega Rally 2K2



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